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Give Your Guests A Great Experience and Better Local Recommendations

With Hotel Key Kaddy

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Hotel Key Kaddy has developed a patented product for the Hotel Industry. Upon check-in, hotels just like yours, are giving out our patented product, Hotel Key Kaddy with their room keys and Their Guests LOVE IT!

Yours Will Too!

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10,000 Hotel Key Kaddies are provided, free of charge, to your hotel, saving you thousands of dollars and serves as a one of a kind effective marketing tool to improve your brand and customer's experience. 



Your local Favorite Businesses are showcased on your Hotel Key Kaddy in full color, with special VIP discounts for your guests, that are most likely already being referred to by your concierge and front desk daily! 

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Business Owners that advertise on the HOTEL KEYKADDY puts your business directly in the hands of thousands of potential customers every month, that have no pre established buying habits. 

Being seen fist is so important to a brand new advertiser. 

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